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Miri Public Park
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

The Miri Public Park is an urban forest park, and a nature centre for educational, informational, and recreational activities for locals and tourists. The 30-acre site is located along the Pan Borneo Highway connecting Miri and Bintulu. The undulating landscape with a high point and panoramic views of the surrounding areas were complemented by the natural vegetation of a myriad of native trees and shrubs; both physical assets were essential to be preserved in the final development. The park was planned to encompass local culture and ethnic diversity with recreational facilities for tourists. The Miri Public Park is intended to become a major tourist destination with its cultural identity intact.

TAK’s design for the park required minimal disruption to the natural landscape. Using creative landscape and architectural solutions, TAK integrated the natural terrain and hills into the overall design. Preservation of the cultural identity and natural feel of the environment was accomplished by utilizing timber structures with cultural design elements. The park was designed to seamlessly flow in a continuous path from the entrance to the highest peak from where the entire vista of sea and forest can be viewed. The effective fusion of existing natural environment with new native vegetation, together with diverse ethnic elements imbibes a sense of local identity within the park. Miri Public Park is a unique creation encapsulating both cultural and natural elements within a ‘captive’ environment accessible to all.

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